New image added to Gallery 9

A new image has been added to gallery 9.
Access Gallery 9

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New image added to Gallery 9 – Art Gallery

I have added a scan of a doodle to Gallery 9. It is of a non-descript plant in flower.

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4 new images added to Gallery 2

4 new images have been added to Gallery 2 – Motion Blur. These are 4 images taken on the beach at North Berwick.

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New Image added to Gallery 6

Have added a new image to gallery 6.
This is an HDR image of a the old town wall and moat in Weissenberg, Germany.

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New Sunset added to Gallery 7

Have added an image of the sun setting over the Rhine, Germany.

This image was taken in 2011. It shows the sun just sitting above the horizon on the river Rhine, near Bonn.

What attracted me to this image was that the sun was just sitting above the horizon and just to the edge of the building. There were not a lot of enhancements to this image. Just to add a little depth to the colours in the sky.

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Painting Street Cafe – Gent Added to Gallery 9

This is my latest painting. It scene of a street cafe in the town of Gent in Belgium.

It is taken from an original photo. The photo was originally an image of a bicycle leaning against a tree and was in portrait format. However, when I processed the photo I found that the scene in the cafe intrigued me and after extracting the cafe scene, in landscape form, I decided that this would be an image that I would like to paint. Street Cafe - Gent
The painting is acrylic and ink on acrylic paper.

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Lightning in volcano plumes

I came across the photography of Martin Rietze while browsing on the Internet. What impressed me was his images of lightning strikes in the plume of Sakurajima, Japan.

I love images of lightning and have always been interested in trying to photograph them since I managed to photograph one in Rome. These images really impressed me and I just thought that they were a wonderful sequence of images.

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Gallery 9 added to the site

I have added Gallery 9 to the site. This is a gallery for displaying my art.

After years of photography and manipulating images, I have finally been persuaded to take up the pencil and paints and have a crack at painting.

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GIMP tutorials

This post will list links to tutorials on using the open-source image processing program Gimp
This tutorial shows you how to create an effect that appears similar to a strip of embossed tape as produced by some label makers.

This is a tutorial that shows you how to colour a black and white photo.
Tutorial on how to add a watermark to an image.

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How To Read The Histogram on Your Camera.

Being able to read the histogram on your camera allows you to take correctly exposed images in camera. Getting the exposure correct in camera will save a lot of work in post-processing.
The following is a site that explains how to read the histogram.

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